Terry Webber    Healer Shaman                       

 Rita Schmid   Heilpraktikerin (Germany)        

                                 Experienced in a therapeutic practices,


Rita and Terry create a space for Personal

Transformation and Healing


A Workshop/Seminar


      Saturday febuary     29th  (11.00 – 5.00) £80 Part 3.  in  Dorking

      Sunday   march          1th (11.00 – 5.00) £80 Part 4.  in  Dorking


We present a series of Four One Day Events. Each designed to combine to make a comprehensive and rounded exploration of the main factors in life that contribute to a good health, mental and emotional balance.


Part 1. : Patterns, Habits and Beliefs that effect and change Destiny

Part 2. : Maintaining Healthy and Balance - dealing with Emergencies

Part 3. : Develop Love, Prosperity Wealth and banish Fearfulness - finding courage

Part 4. : Find the Vision and Goals that will make success assured

Other dates will be  in November and March and Mai and September.


These workshops are design to create a strong sense of confidence and provide the tools necessary to experience real transformation.

                    Awareness - Balance - Love - Vision


Our aim is to enable people to come back into balance and activate their own healing energy.

To have awareness of the existing field of information that surrounds everyone.

To connect with the power to heal and resolve old patterns, behaviours and beliefs. Gain for yourself full awareness of the importance and beneficial strength of good nutrition, exercise, breath and the natural rhythms of the body, soul and spirit. Integrate and absorb this knowledge as a life skill.                                

Learning to develop intuition and become able to distinguish between intellect, instinct and intuition when making life choices.          

Free from manipulation and compromise discover and recover how to stay in balance, enhance with confidence the ability to create your goals, visions and a life plan.


  • Develop your Intuition

  • Exercises, Meditation, Affirmation, Breath, Art, Rhythm Sound,

  • Learn how to make Life Choices and Decisions

  • Find Balance and connect with the Natural World

  • Find  your internal sources of healing power

  • Dispel fear, create and affirm positivity

  • Introduction to Shamanic MeditationJournay & Medicine Wheel

  • Tree of Life, The Oracle Walk  &  Vision Mapping


Simple-Light-Easy equals Deep.


Venue:  Dorking

Contact: Terry Webber, Mystery Mountain

58 Dene Street DORKING RH4 2DP     T: 07956597899